Class Gym area                Open Gym area

Monday        06:00-07:00 Crossfit Class                              06:00-11:00 Open gym              
      09.30-10.30 Cardio EMOM (not coach lead)

                       17:30-18:30 Crossfit Class             15.00-20:30 Open gym

                       19:30-20:30 Crossfit Class

Tuesday        06:00-07:00 Crossfit Class             06:00-10:30 Open gym

                        07:00-07:45 Crossfit Blast Class            16:00-20:30 Open gym

                        09:30-10:30 Crossfit Class                         

                        17:30-18:30 Crossfit / Weightless Class

                        18:30-19:30 Crossfit Class / Weightless Class

Wednesday   09.30 - 10.30 Crossfit Class

        17:30-18:30 Crossfit Class             09.30-20:30 Open gym

                         18:30-19:30 Open Gym / Speciality Class

                         19:30-20.30 Crossfit Class

Thursday       06:00-07:00 Crossfit Class             06:00-07:00 Open Gym

                         09.30 -10.30 Crossfit Class               17.30-20.30 Open Gym

        17:30-18:30 Crossfit Weightless Class

                         18:30-19:30 Crossfit Class             

Friday              06.00-7.00 Crossfit Class               06.00-10.30 Open Gym 

         07:00-07:45 Crossfit Blast Class              

                          09:30-10:30 Crossfit Class

                          16.30-18.00 Crossfit Kids Class             12:00-20:00 Open Gym   

         18:00-19:00 Crossfit Class

                          19:00-20:00 Crossfit Class

Saturday        10:00-11:00 Crossfit Class                 08:30-11:00 Open Gym

Sunday   09.00-11.00 Crossfit Class/Open Gym              (Open every other Sunday - additional fee applies*)

*Note:  We have an open gym area available to use during class times and also outside of class times. Be sure to check open gym times for extended opening hours.
*Tuesdays Weightless Class and Crossfit Class will run alternate times each week. 

Members Booking

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